ICT-INOV piloting at Hanoi University, Vietnam spring 2023

Our Erasmus+ project ICT-INOV: Modernizing Higher Education for Harvesting Innovation develops a digital learning intervention for fostering collaboration among higher education students. The ICT-INOV digital learning intervention consists of learning methodologies based on design thinking approaches, a digital learning platform for fostering innovation, and educational activities in the form of good practices. In addition, the project focuses on instructor training and community building for promoting the wider adoption of outcomes.

We are very proud that the project solution is used in courses at Hanoi University, Vietnam, a partner in the ICT-INOV consortium. The ICT-INOV digital learning intervention was deployed in courses Programming Design, Project Management, and Business Information Systems and Processes.

The project is a collaboration of 12 universities, 8 of which are located in Asia and 4 in Europe see more