ICT-INOV webinar at the Digital Ecosystems Workshop, 20th National Conference on New and Renewable Energy Resources, Romania, 3/6/2022

ICT-INOV gamified design thinking methodology presentation.

A webinar was delivered by the University of Thessaly on June 3, 2022 in the context of the Digital Ecosystem Workshop organized in the context of the 20th National Conference of New and Renewable Energy Resources that was organized in a hybrid mode. The workshop was attended by an international audience of 28 individuals from European academia and industry, such as ATS (Romania), the West University of Timisoara (Romania), NATO DEEP eAcademy, University of Central Lancashire (Cyprus), South Mutenia Regional Development Academy (Romania), BIBA (Germany), and more.

ICT-INOV learning platform demo.

The audience had the opportunity to see a presentation of the ICT-INOV gamified design thinking approach. In addition, the audience experienced a demo of the ICT-INOV platform services, such as the creation of activities and classes, the monitoring of student work by educators and the provision of feedback, the resource base for getting ideas towards designing learning activities, the analytics, and collaboration environment, and more.

See the ICT-INOV presentation in the workshop.