2nd HERA multiplier event in Estonia 20/9/2021

A 2nd multiplier event was organized in Estonia on September 20, 2021. The event took place virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions. The audience first had the opportunity to see a presentation of the project objectives, activities, and outcomes. Then, the organizers presented the HERA game and delivered a demo. In addition, the organizers presented videos of the game and learning sheets of supporting activities. Participants discussed the benefits of the HERA problem-based learning approach and deployed a real HERA game scenario. They provided very positive feedback on the HERA game potential. The event concluded with a discussion about the game and how teachers perceive it. They were very optimistic about it and eager to engage with the game more at home for better understanding the mechanics. They saw great potential in the game. The organizers promised to provide support for them whenever they require it.Participants provided very positive feedback on the HERA game potential.At the end of the event, participants and organizers agreed on how thee participants would receive the goodie bag of HERA: a camera cover, electronic device cloth, and a wooden puzzle game see more

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