Project ICT-INOV presented at the 6th Hellenic Students and Young Professionals IEEE Congress, 21/11/2021

Project ICT-INOV presented at the 6th Hellenic Student and Young Professionals Congress, 21/11/2021

ICT-INOV was presented at the 6th IEEE Congress of Hellenic Engineering Students and Young Professionals. The congress took place virtually on November 20-21, 2021. The audience had an opportunity to reflect on the importance of developing innovation skills for engineering students, who will be the problem-solvers of tomorrow. In addition, the presentation stressed the importance of design, as most problems in the immediate future will be design problems, including education, clean energy, fighting poverty, equality, responsible resource management, and more. The audience was exposed to the vision and objectives of the ICT-INOV project, which include the development of a design thinking methodology for innovation that is boosted by gamification, development of physical labs, development of a design thinking digital service for collaboration, learning activities, and capacity building through community development and instructor training.

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